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It is time to expose the corruption of Kip McKean’s “International Christian Church” (ICC); “Have nothing to do with the worthless deeds of evil and darkness but instead expose them.” –Ephesians 5:11

This organization is guilty of abusive policies, exploiting members, coercion, and even extortion.

All this in the name of “putting the Kingdom first”? They have forgotten what the Kingdom of God really is.

This is abuse against the people of God.

This can no longer be called a church; it is now a corrupt organization pretending to be a church. For those in the lower levels of leadership who are offended by my words, it is time for you to step back and take a good look at what this organization has become.

Their actions against those who attempt to speak up against this abuse border on psychological terrorism. It is time for the ICC to give an account for what it has done.

Kip McKean baselessly character assassinates anyone who criticizes him as being “bitter” and it is time to put an end to that. This is indignation; an anger aroused against abuse and corruption.

These are articles of indignation against the abuse of God’s people.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Former Evangelist Gabe Reed's Letter to the ICC

This post is not a new article of mine, but rather I would like to bring attention to a letter that was written a few days ago by the former evangelist of the ICC’s church in Eugene Oregon, Gabe Reed. His letter to the ICC reveals many of the ICC’s contradictions, arrogance, and manipulation. It also gets very specific about the stats that show the ICC’s member losses and deception concerning where their special mission’s contribution money goes. In this letter much inside information that the ICC wanted to keep hidden is revealed, and the ICC’s hypocrisy and lies are exposed. Here is a link to the blog web address where Gabe Reed’s letter is posted:

And here is a link to a PDF version that is available for download:

Among the most significant information in this article, Gabe reveals where the special mission’s contribution is really going, or to be more specific; where most of the the special mission’s contribution is NOT going:

Here’s the truth: The Movement has no money. LA operates on line of credit. The money you give to Special Missions does not go to Special Missions, it goes to pay off the line of credit the LA church has ran up. Just look at the Bulletin that CAICC puts out. We raised 2.6 million dollars in 2015 to plant six churches. I know that the Sacramento church only cost $23,000 to get started. So where did the $2,577,000? It doesn’t take $500,000 to start a church. We didn’t send all that money to other churches around the world. The LA church has run up it’s credit limit and our Special Missions goes to pay down that credit. It’s shocking the kind of deceit that happens in the movement.”

And here is what really happens with the money that is donated to MERCY Worldwide, the ICC’s “benevolent” organization:

Also let’s not forget that LA doesn’t just get your Special Missions Contribution, they also get your Central Administration payment and Mercy Payment. 16% of your weekly contribution goes to Central Administration and 3% goes to MERCY Worldwide. So to those disciples outside of LA, you don’t give your contribution to support the work going on in your church. You give money to support your church AND the LA church. Also 90% of money the is paid to MERCY Worldwide, does not go to MERCY Projects. They go to salaries. Including a World Sector Leader. (If LA tries to dispute me on this then I will publish the official IRS report for MERCY from 2014) So basically, only 81% of your contribution is going to support your ministry and that number has been growing. Now you understand why we must plant more churches. And let’s remember, these are payments, these are not gifts. In Eugene we reached a place where we could not make the payments anymore. So I had to write an email to Kip and Michael Kirchner asking if we cannot pay into Central Administration for 6 months. So basically I had to ask if I could not send them money. That makes no literal or Biblical sense. Why should one church be obligated to send another church money? This year alone LA will receive over $700,000 in Central Administration and MERCY Payments!”

These are only two paragraphs from a 23 page letter (when converted to PDF) that deals with the ICC’s hypocrisy, greed, manipulation and abusive practices. If you are reading this and know anyone in the ICC please share this letter with them so this organization’s darkness may be exposed. If you are reading this and you are currently in the ICC, get out of there now; the leadership of that organization cares nothing about God except how much they can profit off of believers while they themselves couldn't care less about what the Bible really says. 

Have nothing to do with the worthless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. –Ephesians 5:11


  1. The ICC, particularly its leaders, are shaking in their boots. Many of the organization's corporate henchman including-Tim Kernan, Mike Patterson, Cesar Limon and LuJack Martinez have taken to social media to play down the impact and minimize the uproar brought on by Gabe Reed's revelations. One thing to understand when reading posts from paid staff members (like those noted above)is their sole purpose is to keep the organization in tact to ensure that the group's revenue stream is not compromised so they can continue to collect a paycheck. PERIOD.

    Why is this so important to them? Because the majority of these staff members could not and cannot land a viable job with their skill set/experience. To say that their position as an evangelist/women's ministry leader is the best job any of them ever had is an understatement. Before going on staff, the best job Mike Patterson could get was as a ticket agent for some science center; LuJack was flailing in a real estate multi-level marketing group; and it's still unclear exactly what Tim Kernan did. Most of the other evangelists/women's ministry leaders were waiters/waitresses, juice bar attendants, baristas or simply unemployed.

    You bet that these paid staff members are going to fight tooth and nail to keep the money flowing despite their claims they don't "make that much". Really?!? Why aren't the specific salaries for EACH paid staff member couple ever disclosed during a financial presentation? I'm not talking about the young interns who are grossly taken advantage of and basically work for free (eg. the Kernan's nanny) or the bright eyed, naïve, inexperienced, newly married 20-something year old couple conjoled into taking over a depleting ministry like Santa Barbara. I'm talking about the salaries for Tim and Leanne Kernan, Michael and Michelle Williamson, Chris and Teresa Broom (although they are no longer on staff due to Teresa's "lapse in judgement."), Brandyn and Luke Speckman, etc.

    The good news is that the ICC's end is quickly approaching as more and more people are realizing and beginning to question the corruption, manipulation and deceit so engrained in the ICC system.

    1. Oh C'mon! Aren't you being a little harsh on the ICC's leadership team? The reason why they lack the "skill set/experience" is because most of them were tapped to be evangelists/wml(s) when they were barely out of their teens with nothing more than a high school diploma (if that). Many of them do brag that they have a degree from Kip's college, the ICCM, but it's widely known (even among church members) that this is NOT a legitimate/accredited university which, by the way, can be confirmed through a background check should a future employer wish to do one.

      Also, it would be interesting to learn how much of the members' tithes and Special Missions contribution is being siphoned to pay the salaries of the ICCM "professors" on top of what they're already making as evangelists/wmls. I'm sure this information will eventually be revealed as the mass exodus continues.

      So when the day comes when a former evangelist is having to take your order for a big mac, french-fries and a coke be sure to cut him some slack.

    2. I agree the ICC's end is quickly approaching, you could say #ilovemychurchicc #familytotheend #theendisnigh lol the end is nigh and they are their own worst enemies and cause all the problems they blame the devil or others for.

      I was reading Acts 4v32-35 today where the 1st century church put money at the apostles feet THEN gave it to anyone in need, with the ICC cult it never gets past the false apostles feet and they are greedy shepherds who feed themselves.

    3. Mike Patterson has taken to FB again. Below is an excerpt from a post he shared on April 5th which appears to take a jab at Gabe Reed's blog:

      "I've noticed that those who detract from God's kingdom pull others into this and in time come to nothing but small group "churches" filled with weird strange doctrines and no longer evangelizing the world but evangelizing disciples with slander. Like the Gnostics of the first century impose strange rules on people. God always opposes them as they come to nothing."

      Funny that Mike doesn't recognize how similar this description is of the ICC and their practice of meeting with small groups of "remnant disciples" trying to convince them to leave the ICOC claiming that these churches are lukewarm, dying, unrepentant (or as Mike's post refers to it "evangelizing disciples with slander"). Recruiting them to join Kip's church where members are required (or "imposed") to follow "strange rules" like:

      -having to get permission in the form of "advice" from church leaders on everything from where to live, who to date/marry, when to go on vacation, what university to attend, etc.

      -mandating that members give 25x their weekly tithe for Special Missions when the Bible clearly states "do not give under compulsion."

      -submitting to church leadership in ALL matters including opinion.

      -cutting off all ties with a person the leaders perceive as "contemptuous".

      -mandatory "meetings of the body" which not only include church on Sunday, midweek on Wednesday, bible talk on Friday, weekly D-groups but ALLLLL of the workshops, retreats, jubilees/GLC(s), women's day, summer camps, etc. that the church schedules and expects members to attend and pay for.

      Yep-like Mike's post states, "God always opposes them and they come to nothing" as evident in the ICC's dismal retention rate and quickly depleting membership.

    4. Many of the ICC leaders have taken to social media to post propaganda and slander against Gabe Reed, and it is sad to watch. Like Gabe said, the “movement” is out of money and the ICC has reached its credit limit. And with the release of this letter more members are going to leave and the ICC is going to start losing income, which may mean budget cuts, laying off interns, and possibly even salary cuts for certain full-time members. With the ICC leaders trying to one-up each other with how much propaganda they are posting right now; it seems that they are trying to compete over who is the most loyal to Kip and his agenda in fear that their current financial stability may be jeopardized. Their organization will inevitably crash though, so all that they are doing is trying to buy time.

  2. My experience with the ICC was a joke. Cesar Limon is an arrogant liar and the people he puts "in charge" are just as bad. He surrounds himself with rats and only those that will act as he wants and tell him what he wants. His discipler Jason Dimitri, has taught him well. They encourage you to be open dig the sin out but only if it suites them. Cesar is power hunger and has no problem saying "I am the leader you must submit." His markings and threats of being disfellowshipped is totally unbiblical,but what else is new. I was told when I walked away that "we know everything about you, we are told everything in staff." Always wanting more and more money. There are people there who know everything about this movement is all wrong, but are to afraid to say or do anything so they stay not being able to have a mind of their own. It is sad and pathetic these "leaders" call themselves disciples of Christ. May God have mercy on you. He will not be mocked and you will be exposed for who you really are.

  3. It's really sad that our young people are so brainwashed that they will give up their dreams their education to go to a fake ICCM College that will get them absolutely nothing in the real world. I pray that when this movement comes Crashing Down that these young people can find their way back up

    1. I want to the ICOC back when it was first established, I brought my then children with me and it did a lot of good. But as time goes by I realize how sick my mind was and how I lived a controlled life to end up going to a controlled church. How do you change something you don't even know is wrong? I have a high profile adult child going to this church and I pray God opens the eyes of his heart. I believe God will, my child doesn't talk to me anymore because he is brainwashed and I keep in contact with other disciples just to see if he is okay. Sad, so sad. Pray brothers and sisters that more and more this wicked church will be exposed. Blessings to all.

  4. I knew Cesar Limon back when he was just a 3-month old recruit. He came into the ICC as a promising young man with bright dreams for the future and talked about how he wanted to win people over for God.

    I knew Coltin Rohn when he was a two-year-old disciple in the south region, he was one of the most loving ICC members I ever knew. I remember when Coltin would hang out and play games with me at my dorm and invite everyone over for dinner. In the early days (2010-ish) I felt that he was a man who genuinely cared about the people around him.

    I knew Jason Dimitry when he first joined the ICC. He was a loving father of two daughters and when the brothers needed a place to stay he was more than glad to have us over at his already cramped apartment until we could get our living arrangements situated.

    A lot of these people were good men. But then the ICC leadership dangles titles like “bible talk leader”, “region leader” and “evangelist” over their heads on the condition that they do what Kip and his leaders tell them what to do. To give naive young men titles with so much power over others under such conditions; this changes people. Jason Dimitry was taken under Tim Kernan’s wing and Tim essentially made him into a clone of himself.

    Gabe Reed was my discipler back when we were a part of the South Region. The ICC is an organization that coerces people to give whatever special contribution they demand as well as brow-beating their members into raising their contributions twice a year. You can’t climb up to the position of “evangelist” in Kip McKean’s organization without getting your hands dirty, and Gabe Reed was no exception. But as we all know God can change people, and somewhere down the line Gabe began to question whether the things that the ICC was doing were permissible in the eyes of God. Gabe studied his Bible, prayed for guidance, and decided that he would rather stand with God and His Word rather than with a group of people who were following a man (Kip MCKean) who had strayed off the path. Not only has Kip strayed from sound biblical teaching but his policies are abusive and his leadership founded on deceitfulness and manipulation.

    There are many ICC leaders out there who see exactly what Gabe Reed finally realized, but they are afraid to speak up. For those ICC leaders who are reading this; many of you joined with noble intentions, you wanted to help people. You didn’t want an organization that abuses and deceives its own members for money. You didn’t want an organization that lies about and slanders their own members that do not stay in line with their policies. You didn’t want an organization that scams God’s people. And yet here you are; this is where you find yourselves. Stop being afraid to speak the truth, it’s time to stand up for God.

  5. Most if not all of ICC evangelists/women's ministry leaders DO NOT meet the biblical qualifications of an overseer and therefore DO NOT have spiritual authority over their congregants as much as they are deceived into thinking they do. First and foremost, the concept of a women's ministry leader is not a biblical practice/teaching so the church's push for female members to submit to the authority of a "women's ministry leader" is a false teaching(sorry Kelly Bartholomew. You can't continue to play this card. Doing so makes you a FALSE TEACHER among other things). Second, many ICC evangelists/overseers were appointed as relatively new converts(eg. Coltin Rohn, Cesar Limon, Jason Dimitry, Princeton Passport, Tyler Sears and Ricky Challinor just to name a few) and therefore DO NOT meet the biblical qualifications for this position (I Timothy 3:6). As such, they have zero spiritual authority over God's people. Third, since so many ICC evangelists/overseers are divorced (eg. Jake Studer, Chris McGrath, Mark Garrido, Corey Blackwell, Cesar Limon, and several others) this, too, biblically disqualifies them from the role of overseer (I Timothy 3:1-12). Such men have no spiritual authority over anyone outside of their physical family.

    The ICC's practice of placing such men in an overseer/evangelist role is just one area, among many, where they violate biblical principles. Yet continue to boast they are a bible church.

  6. Dear Anon May 3rd,

    You forgot Anthony Olmos. Anyone who knows both he and Cesar Limon would understand why the bible specifically states an overseer "must not be a recent convert, or he may become conceited and fall under the same judgment as the devil."

    Also, after Gabe's revelation about the ICC having an 80% "fall away" rate, Kip is circling the wagons and wants church leaders to focus on restorations. This is ironic since his right hand man, Tim Kernan, has always had the attitude that if someone doesn't want to get behind the ICC's agenda then they need to "get out".

    Well, 80% of ICC converts did just that and now the church desperately wants them back. Why? Because the ICC's dismal retention rate makes all of Kip's claims about ICC growth/expansion look rather suspect but more importantly it hits them where it hurts...the pocket $$$.

    So for all of you former members that read this blog and other anti-ICC websites, don't be surprised if you receive a call from an ICC leader or current member inviting you to "hang out". You'll know exactly why their doing it.

  7. Find it interesting that the Dubai leaders, RD and April Baker, along with other ICC members slated to go on the Dubai mission team are taking a class hosted/sponsored by a group not affiliated with the ICC on how to convert Muslims. Once again all of Kip's boasting about how his "members" are the best trained missionaries/leaders in all of Christendom is laughable considering he has to send his Dubai leaders/mission team members to a "How To Convert A Muslim" class sponsored by a group not even associated with the ICC. Shouldn't Corey and Jee Blackwell be giving this class since they are the "Middle East World Sector Leaders". Oh yeah, Corey never spent any time in the Middle East and Jee can barely find it on a map.

  8. To Anon-May 16th, I think what you'll find more interesting is that the president of the organization hosting this workshop is not only a member of Kip's former fellowship, the ICOC, but is also an ICOC apologetics teacher. Yep, the same fellowship that Kip continues to slander and call "lukewarm", "dying", "spiritually stagnant", etc.

    Guess the members of the ICOC aren't that bad off if Kip is having his Dubai mission team attend a seminar (overseen by an ICOC member) for pointers on how to reach out to those from the Islamic faith.

  9. mind if I ask who is teaching this workshop?

    1. I believe the above commentator is referring to John Oakes, president of Apologetics Research Society, the organization hosting this workshop. He along with Dan Conder will be the speakers.

      I have to agree that for all the trash talk Kip spew about the ICOC (as evident in his sermons, newsletters, e-mails, etc.), it's ironic that Kip would send his mission team members to this event. Also considering that Kip often thinks of himself as an expert on all things especially religions.

      Just as a side notes-unlike Kip, who started his own unaccredited "college" so he could grant himself a bogus doctorate, Dr. Oakes, EARNED a dual PhD in physics and chemistry from the University of Colorado.

    2. It's also important to note, here, that ICC members are disfellowshipped and marked for refusing to agree with Kip and his leaders that the ICOC and mainline Churches of Christ are lukewarm. According to a letter penned by ICC leaders, Luke and Brandyn Speckman, one of the reasons they marked a married couple is that this couple refused to go along with the ICC's slandering of the ICOC:

      "At one time Russ and Lana believed our former fellowship and the Mainline Churches of Christ to be lukewarm as they left what was left of the ICOC in San Diego to move to Portland in 2004. However, they no longer are willing to join Jesus in calling out the sin of lukewarmness – as seen in the lack of baptisms and forceful advancement – in these two fellowships. (Revelation 3:14-20)" Luke and Brandyn Speckman

      If the ICOC and all the other denominational churches on the planet are soooo "lukewarm" why is Kip sending his mission team members to an event facilitated by a member of his former fellowship?

      Hopefully, the ICC members in attendance will see for themselves that the ICOC is not only thriving and growing but it has also become a spiritually healthy church after Kip was removed from leadership.

  10. Also note, John Oaks is not doing the class solely for the ICC group. His classes are open to the general public. It just happens the ICC group will be in attendence.

    As for Kip sending his group, sounds like it's out of desperation as no-one in his fellowship are educated enough to study this out themselves. Also like Anon 16 said, shouldnt Cory Blackwell be teaching the class being the WSL for the Middle East in both fellowships? Guess being in leadership by title & not experience pays well.

    1. fyi- there are several members of the ICOC attending also, some are evangelists in the ICOC. Like I said, this is open to the general public.

    2. Actually, there is a church in GA whose leaders all came from the "Boston movement" and it is following right along with Kips' rigid brainwashing of our college campuses and my daughter and others are caught upon this brainwashing. If ANYONE knows anyone who has left a campus ministry called AlphaOmega or North River Church of Christ-PLEASE e-mail me at

  11. Michael Williamson announced on Sunday that former WSL, Teresa Broom, has been marked and disfellowshipped for "contempt." Basically, this means she spoke up and questioned the abusive practices of Kip's leadership. What does this all mean for her husband, Chris? Well he can grow a pair and stand in solidarity with his wife. Or, he can choose to side with Kip and give Teresa an ultimatum like some "would be" and "reinstated" evangelists (eg. Jake Studer and Cory Blackwell) who were once married to women who refused to have anything to do with Kip and his church. Kip not only rewarded these men for their loyalty by appointing and/or reinstating them as evangelists but they also remarried younger "sold out" wives not too long after their divorces were final.

    No doubt Chris is kicking himself, right now, for being one of the biggest trash talkers of the ICOC especially when he tried to split the Syracuse Church of Christ in his effort to join Kip's new movement.

    1. When someone is marked, church members are told that they are NOT to have any contact with that person and the "marked individual" must be removed as a friend/follower on any social media sites (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). In fact when Kip marked Victor Jr. and Aurora Gonzales he made it absolutely clear that under no uncertain terms were Victor's parents and siblings permitted to have any contact with them in the hopes that Victor and Aurora "would repent of their contempt" which by the way is not only emotional blackmail but hasn't been effective.

      Kip has marked and disfellowshipped dozens of members for speaking out against the rampant spiritual abuse in the ICC and NOT ONE of those that have been marked has come crawling back begging to be a part of the church again.

      The McKeans teach that the church family takes precedence over any other relationship in a member's life including that between a husband and wife. Hence the ICC's battle cry, "Family Til the End", until of course someone speaks up and criticizes their leadership tactics.

      The McKeans also love to brag about how their church has "saved" marriages and united families in Christ but of course they never share about the many more marriages and family units the church has destroyed.

      Hopefully, the Broom Family isn't another ICC casualty.

    2. Dont forget about the condition of Kip's family & his relationship with his kids.
      What about Kip's relationship with his own brother Randy, lead evangelist of the NOVI ICOC? Lets not forget Elena's relationship with her Brother Peter Garcia who is also still with the ICOC.

      Family till we die indeed. Do as I say, not as I do.
      Sounds like Kip's family is in worse shape than anyone cares to admit.

    3. How do you know this for a fact

  12. Seems the cooking the books madness continues, latest news letter saysnear the end they collected $1959534 for missions and $1714073 went to missions, ok so where did the nearly 250k or $245461 go? Kip's slush fund maybe or all those leaders flying around the world supposedly "spying out the land" which is actually a all expenses paid holiday. There is a missing amount of over 12% just disappeared into thin air.

    1. Review what Gabe Reed showed about the ICC’s deception in his letter posted above. The ICC claimed that they had collected 2.6 million dollars for “missions”, but then Gabe revealed that only six churches were planted and that the Sacramento church only costed them $23,000 to plant. Gabe then pointed out that there was no way that it would have costed the other 5 churches 500,000 each to plant. There was no reason for it to cost that much. So a lot of that remaining $2,577,000 that was supposedly for “missions” did not actually go to planting churches. Then Gabe revealed that the money actually went to paying off the ICC’s credit debt (and how the ICC can possibly be in debt after collecting such exorbitant amounts of money, there is some suspicious spending going on behind the scenes). Now with their recent contribution in June; just because the ICC says that $1,714,073 went to “missions” does not actually mean that that money really went to missions and church planting.

      There is a lot more money that is “disappearing into thin air” as you so put it, a massive amount more. Remember, the ICC leadership will lie…and lie…and lie to get what they want or to slander those who speak up to expose them as we have seen them do so many times before. What they love is money, and they will use people and tell as many lies as it takes in order to get it.

  13. Please remember that it's not God that brings these false teachings to pass, it's man. So please don't walk away from God if you find this false teaching out. Find a good bible base church and go to it.

    1. Yes all cults like the ICC or mormons or JW or WMSCOG or unification church or others are when men pretend to speak from God, the bible predicts such false prophets who lead many astray.

  14. According to Michael Williamson ( sermon June 12th 2016 ) "We are a poor church", words from a man with a second home in LA and who flies to Moscow and Australia and LA several times a year and lives in a very affluent part of London. "We are a poor church" Michael might have grown up poor but he earns and spends in the top 1% globally, he earns at least eight times more than most religious Ministers do in London and flies around the world several times a year living like a prosperity gospel preacher, he is constantly demanding money and tithes from people who can't even afford one holiday a year. If they don't give what he wants he kicks them out of his cult telling them they are lost because they can't afford to keep up with his relentless desire to live like a god.

  15. The latest from the cult
    26m45 tim kernan if you don't give don't call me bro we are not friends and we have nothing in common
    kip mckean any disciple that isn't sharing his faith every day is dead spiritually 17m40
    you exist because disciples in the united states have sacrificed 20m25
    39m25 former fellowship fell away from god ( implies everyone )

    1. When I was in the ICC and Tim Kernan was the region leader of my area; one of my roommates who was an ICC campus leader at the time asked Tim Kernan if he could call him a friend. Tim responded by telling him that he needed to get a certain number of converts before he would even consider being friends with him.

      With Tim Kernan, you need to keep giving money and be constantly bringing in fresh converts for them to indoctrinate for profit, and if you don’t satisfy those terms then he won’t consider you to be a “brother in the church” or even a “friend”. Even if people in their organization do meet those requirements, such a conditional friendship is shallow and meaningless. You will only be considered to be a “brother” or a “friend” as long as you are useful and profitable to their organization. This is not friendship or brotherhood; the people in the organization become nothing more than pawns to be used like tools.

  16. Very helpful blog it shows in the inner workings of yet another corrupt cult pretending they are from God, I hope you can write some more articles soon on your recovery and progress.

  17. Just having a look at their latest good news email, subtly a world sector leader couple have vanished off the face of the Earth with no mention ( ) you could say they were just brushed away ( play on names ) with no mention, typical mind control cult no mention of it bury it and hope nobody notices, like the fact most cults like this take most of the money collected for themselves and tell everyone else to do the recruitment and discipling, what a joke this cult is, just a 21st century bunch of hypocrites.

    1. Looking at that shows what deluded people they are, can you imagine Jesus awarding himself a PhD in being God or maybe John the baptist get a honorary masters degree in being beheaded for the cause, what a bunch of self righteous jokers and posers, they are the exact opposite of the first century church, it's all ego and looking good like the hypocrites did.

    2. if it's the Broom's, Chris is alive & well with the ICC (according to his FB page). He was at the conference in SoCal earlier this month & had dinner with Ron Harding. As for his wife, I dont know what is going on with that. I saw they were on a family vacation last month. I dont know of anything further since she was "disfellowshipped".

    3. The Brooms (as a family) are officially out of the ICC. Chris preaches sometimes at 180 Worldwide Ministries... sometimes at Russ Preston's house for their house church service.

      On a side note for those not in the know: Russ Preston and his wife were disfellowshipped for questioning ICC practices.

    4. I heard the Brooms may start a house church for those who left the ICC. I also heard Chris McGrath left the ICC. Wow, leadership is jumping ship.

  18. It's interesting that Kip labels autonomy as sin ,yet he is the most autonomous person I ever met. It's unbelievable how far arrogance can take you. The scriptures scream out everyday against such idiocy and deliberate deceit.

  19. My discipler spent more time raising money this year for special missions and for her own mission team then "making disciples" They didn't even support them! $3500 for each person plus original special missions. She worked two jobs!

    1. That’s to be expected. Like Gabe Reed revealed; a lot of the money is going to the ICC’s credit debt. I also know for a fact that the same thing has been happening to many members of previous mission teams for the past few years; they were expected to support themselves or get the funding from their family even though the money they collected was supposedly going to “missions”. The leaders give them excuses while saying that the money went to “the other mission team”, even though the other mission teams were told the exact same thing. It’s a contradicting loop. This is evidence that money has been misspent for years, or not really going to where the ICC claims that it is going.

      Back when Kip was running the ICOC it was no secret that Kip McKean’s leaders spent lavish amounts on themselves while barely evading lawsuits and toeing the line for what is acceptable for being a “non-profit” organization. This was very easy to do in the United States where the healthcare system holds the lives of the citizens hostage with inflated medical bills and the education system financially bankrupts those who seek higher learning (and the current presidential election shows that you can get away with a large amount of corruption for the right price, but I’m not going to go any further into secular politics here). It is easy enough to get away with such corrupt spending in the USA which is why Kip McKean’s “flagship church” is based here. When Kip tried to do the same thing in other countries with governments that were more serious about their rules for “non-profit organizations”, they ran into troubles. In France there was a lawsuit against the ICOC church there for the ICOC leadership splurging their followers money on themselves (and once again this was the ICOC during the time that Kip McKean was controlling it); their excuse was that they “were not fully aware of the regulations of that country”. So they were caught red handed greedily misspending money on themselves, something that they should be obviously be ashamed of even with there were no secular rules against it, and their response was that they didn’t know that the laws of that country’s government would allow them to do that? So as long as they can get away with it then it’s “okay”? It’s no wonder that the Paris ICOC church later dropped from 550 to 100 members back then and they had to fire the corrupt evangelists that had been hired by Kip one by one:

      “Christians were giving less and less for the contribution, we had to fire all the evangelist one by one but it looks like more a hunt than a layoff, truly saying. Finally, the main evangelists left Paris to return to their cities where they used to live, or always wanted to live. It looks like thief going away with our contributions or asking for political asylum, leaving the PCC (Paris Church of Christ) association with debt.”

    2. Continuing on from my first comment (because of the character limit); Kip blames the damage back then on the HK letter which is ridiculous. The HK letter addressed the corruption that was already there; the corruption that Kip and those who were hired by and promoted by him were trying to hide.

      Also back then even the ICOC’s “benevolent organization”, HOPE Worldwide, misspent the money given to them to send their members on “vacations”. Then were caught red-handed trying to lie about it:

      This misspending of money using a “charity” organization as a front mirrors what is happening now with Kip McKean’s new “benevolent organization”, MERCY, which Gabe Reed revealed in his letter (which I posted in the main article): “You give money to support your church AND the LA church. Also 90% of money [that] is paid to MERCY Worldwide, does not go to MERCY Projects. They go to salaries. Including a World Sector Leader. (If LA tries to dispute me on this then I will publish the official IRS report for MERCY from 2014).”

      The reason why Kip McKean’s “pillar church” is based in America, and the reason why the special contribution money is siphoned over here is because they know that they can more easily get away with corrupt spending here in the United States.

  20. Has there been an update on how the Reeds' transition is going/has been?

    1. From what I'm gathering, they are worshiping with the local ICOC congregation.
      They seem to be happy on all levels.

  21. Video about Kip McKean cult, nothings changed he's still brainwashing people and they still need long term mental health care to recover

    1. This is a 1990 broadcast, so its very outdated.

    2. It is a very old video, but really Kip McKean’s wicked ways haven’t changed since back then.

      If Kip McKean really believed that he is "saving the world", as he so claims, then why does he desperately try to avoid exposure to the media?

      In the video Kip refuses to comment multiple times on serious issues.

      Kip McKean "No comment" points in the video:

      At point 4:45 in the video:
      (Roger Cook speaking to Kip McKean)
      "The people who came to us felt like they were not treated fairly"
      "I'm asking you simple questions, and haven't had any answers so far."

      Also in the video there is mention of video taped evidence that the "church" leaders were lying about their expenses. It seems that wherever Kip McKean goes; greed and lust for money are sure to follow since this is the same thing that is currently happening in the ICC.

      Also here is another video of Kip rushing to an elevator in order to avoid a media reporter:
      "Kip McKean Dodges a reporter (1993)"
      While nervously waiting for the elevator he dodged the reporters questions with “I have no comments at this time” before making a break for it when the elevator doors opened.

      As the main perpetrator of creating psychologically abusive organizations, Kip McKean tries to keep himself out of the light as much as possible.

    3. Kip should jump on an opportunity for the national exposure of a reporter..after all shouldn't he "always be prepared..." in accordance with 1 Pet 3:15? That's what they told me anyways when I was in the group. If he knows he's right/just speaking the truth should a reporter not be an opportunity to demonstrate that or a platform to proselytize? Why does he run from it?

  22. Can someone explain to me why the Chicago ICC had to be "replanted" or why there was a "supplemental" remnant group sent? Was this because the church was having negative growth?

  23. The Chicago group shrunk from about 180 to 130 in 2015

    1. so I guess they needed to stop the bleeding.

  24. Gabe Reed made a Facebook post earlier this month calling out the ICC on their hypocrisy and releasing information on the ICC’s actual membership stats:

    “I don't post this to cause trouble but if I don't say anything no one will.
    In light of the recent chapter that came out from Gordon Ferguson's book that my friends from the ICC are using to brash the ICOC. These are stats published by Administrator for the Sold Out Discipling Movement at the end of 2015 for the World Sector I was in.
    If you want the full document send me your email and I'll send it to you. Has financial numbers, attendance trends, and breakdown of every church in my old world sector. Only churches that we could even say did slightly well, from a numbers perspective that the ICC loves to boast about, are San Fransisco and Chennai, India.
    "Yeah, I tried not to say anything about this because I honestly didn’t care but I can’t stand hypocrisy I’m hearing about. Especially because I used to be heavily involved in it. Don’t let these guys fool you. City of Angels Church wasn’t doing too well at the end of 2015 either. Things to note:
    Church of 818 disciples – only 369 baptisms (so much for every disciple being sold out)
    369 baptisms, 337 fallaways (only a 9% retention rate. Meaning someone getting baptized in the CAICC only has a 9% chance of staying faithful that year)
    City of Angels church grew by 88 total disciples. 81 were place memberships from other ICC churches. Without the 81 move-ins that church of 818 "sold out" disciples only grow by 7 disciples
    The 81 place memberships and the 81 sent out are identical because most are the same disciples. Other churches had to send their disciples to LA to be “trained” before they were sent on mission teams.
    2015 numbers:
    Chicago ICC: -24% growth
    Denver ICC: -9% growth
    Eugene ICC: -18% growth
    Las Vegas ICC: -17% growth
    Phoenix ICC: church of 74 disciples only 5% growth
    Portland ICC: 1% growth (17 of those were place memberships from other ICC’s)
    Santa Barbra ICC: -38% growth (planted in 2014)
    Toronto ICC: - 26% growth
    That entire World Sector, only grew by 4% (1,609 to 1,681)
    What do all the ICC churches that grew negatively last year all have in common?
    They all sent disciples to LA to be “trained”. So the 11% growth of the CAICC is literally LA moving disciples into their church so they can report a positive growth.
    Also, more than 66% of the CAICC is less than 2 years old spiritually.
    So their boasting is literally hot air…"
    Bottom line: Both movements have things that they need to work on and as long as people spend more time talking how much better they are than the other group, they won't even scratch the surface of the problem.
    Feel free to share”

    That’s the end of Gabe Reed’s post. He said to message him if you want to see the actual document of the ICC stats, but since I am posting this on my blog and I know that not everyone on here may have a Facebook account, then I’ll provide the link to the document right here:

  25. So I heard Rich Tabizon left the ICC also. Was he some sort of leader there?

    1. Seems like just another brainwashed cult clown

    2. this is from 2014. This isnt relevant if he left the ICC in 2016

  26. Beloved saints in the Stone-Campbell Movement,

    At present I'm engaged in a 20-week mentoring commitment with the author of 'ONE: Unfolding God's Eternal Purpose from House to House'. This book is available for free viewing online at Your brother in Christ Jon Zens introduced me to the author of this book, namely being Henry Hon, via the internet in late November last year.

    The roots of my own faith are within the Stone-Campbell heritage of the nineteenth century. Around two years before I became rather active in the faith I initially had been baptised at a very traditional Church of Christ (CoC) beforehand. In fact, when I encountered this small group of believers I actually still remember someone mentioning: 'We just want to be the church that you can find in the Bible.' Yet two years later I spent some three to four years over a stretch of ten years or so in the International Church of Christ (ICoC). Yes, I dropped out three to four times in that space of time!

    In fact, I had been rebaptised at the ICoC on two separate occasions even afterwards. Based on what I'd seen for many years to date now, I'd merely submitted to the group norm that the leadership of the group placed on me - just like they had done with all and sundry whom they encountered. In the end, I booked a flight to the US to thoroughly deal with the indoctrination I'd spiritually ingested in the ICoC and spent some significantly meaningful days of interaction with an experienced exit counsellor, but specifically one experienced with clients from that group.

    In some sense, although I'd already left the group and its environment, I deeply desired to make certain that the group norm and its ideology had left me.

    A while later I graduated with honours from a Church of Christ-affiliated Bible college in Athens, Greece. The CoC practises a regulative principle form of worship and uses a textually-centred approach and philosophy for interpreting the text in the Bible. A while ago I came across a certain Rick Atchley sharing a ten-minute slippery slope critique on video depicting a 150-year plus historical narrative of the Stone-Campbell Movement:

    Eventually I started travelling on a journey away from a CoC mindset and framework towards a more Christ-centred approach towards faith and the practising of it. That came predominantly through, amongst other things, meeting other CoC renegades who also challenged their former mindset and reading materials from several other writers from an inner life, organic expression and anabaptist heritage.

    Over the last few years I've read materials and listened to a number of messages by John Bevere, Wayne Jacobsen, Leonard Sweet, David Flowers, Gene Edwards, Gregory Boyd, Jon Zens and Frank Viola - and maybe a few others. Jon Zens is the predominant one who has had a lot of influence on me for unanimously following Christ and Him alone! In fact, I've never actually met any these aforementioned brothers in Christ before, yet Christ has been unanimously unveiled to me through many of them!

    A few months back Jon also referred me to a link of some 16 or 17 online videos he recently uploaded:

    Love in Christ,


    Skype: philipvdijk


  27. Kip will do what he is always done and find a way to try to discredit this man's testimony. The saddest part is that all of his cronies will follow him in this. Someone actually just needs to take Kip out and whoop his ass behind the shed. LOL. I am down for that and by the way, yes I was a paid Minister by this church many years ago when he used and abused so many friends of mine. Kip, I hope you're hearing this, I will be visiting La soon and plan to come to one of your church services. Security security security. You are not a good person kip. Ps. You yell way to much when you preach. Learn from actual great speakers like Steve Sapp

    1. Clark Kent to the rescue!!

    2. I do not believe McKean is a good person, but I also do not believe that physically threatening him is ok. To say that you will be visiting and then implying a need for "security security security" on his behalf does not seem right to me...just my opinion. Anyways McKean is an awful person and has built a harmful organization that hurts too many people, and it is unfortunate that he continues. Hopefully more people continue just as well to speak out or engage in discussion about this organization

    3. agreed, physical threats of any sort can only lead to very bad consequences. My of us do not agree with Kip of his practices, but threats are not the answer, joking or now.

  28. The Brooms are now the full time leaders of the Manchester ICOC in England

  29. The Brooms are now the full time leaders of the Manchester ICOC in England

    1. Chris Broom is a cool dude i met him once and he didnt seem like an asshole like kip or tim kernan...

  30. Interesting that Kyle Bartholomew was on staff, leaves the ICC,commits adultery, divorces his wife then gets restored. Immediately is put back on staff.