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It is time to expose the corruption of Kip McKean’s “International Christian Church” (ICC); “Have nothing to do with the worthless deeds of evil and darkness but instead expose them.” –Ephesians 5:11

This organization is guilty of abusive policies, exploiting members, coercion, and even extortion.

All this in the name of “putting the Kingdom first”? They have forgotten what the Kingdom of God really is.

This is abuse against the people of God.

This can no longer be called a church; it is now a corrupt organization pretending to be a church. For those in the lower levels of leadership who are offended by my words, it is time for you to step back and take a good look at what this organization has become.

Their actions against those who attempt to speak up against this abuse border on psychological terrorism. It is time for the ICC to give an account for what it has done.

Kip McKean baselessly character assassinates anyone who criticizes him as being “bitter” and it is time to put an end to that. This is indignation; an anger aroused against abuse and corruption.

These are articles of indignation against the abuse of God’s people.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Former Evangelist Gabe Reed's Letter to the ICC

This post is not a new article of mine, but rather I would like to bring attention to a letter that was written a few days ago by the former evangelist of the ICC’s church in Eugene Oregon, Gabe Reed. His letter to the ICC reveals many of the ICC’s contradictions, arrogance, and manipulation. It also gets very specific about the stats that show the ICC’s member losses and deception concerning where their special mission’s contribution money goes. In this letter much inside information that the ICC wanted to keep hidden is revealed, and the ICC’s hypocrisy and lies are exposed. Here is a link to the blog web address where Gabe Reed’s letter is posted:

And here is a link to a PDF version that is available for download:

Among the most significant information in this article, Gabe reveals where the special mission’s contribution is really going, or to be more specific; where most of the the special mission’s contribution is NOT going:

Here’s the truth: The Movement has no money. LA operates on line of credit. The money you give to Special Missions does not go to Special Missions, it goes to pay off the line of credit the LA church has ran up. Just look at the Bulletin that CAICC puts out. We raised 2.6 million dollars in 2015 to plant six churches. I know that the Sacramento church only cost $23,000 to get started. So where did the $2,577,000? It doesn’t take $500,000 to start a church. We didn’t send all that money to other churches around the world. The LA church has run up it’s credit limit and our Special Missions goes to pay down that credit. It’s shocking the kind of deceit that happens in the movement.”